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Community Fundraising

Empower your cause with Minty's Impactful Fundraising

Is your organization in need of financial support? Look no further than Minty’s Community Fundraising program, offering a seamless solution to elevate your fundraising efforts.

Community Fundraising

How Does It Work?

Host a Minty Lab on Location event at your organization, with a commitment from 20 or more attendees. Each participant brings their unwanted gold and silver jewellery to be evaluated by our Minty team. On-the-spot payments are made for items sold, with a portion of the proceeds directed towards your fundraiser.

What is a Minty Lab on Location?

It’s an opportunity for your group, team, company, or community to generate funds effortlessly. Attendees bring their unwanted gold and silver jewellery to be evaluated and if they choose to sell, Minty will purchase on the spot, with a percentage of the sale chosen by the client, allocated to your fundraising initiative.

Who Is Minty?

Minty is a trusted precious metals lab specializing in the purchase of gold and silver. Our team excels in testing and purchasing precious metals, offering customers education and exceptional service throughout the process.

What Happens At A Lab on Location?

Experience an engaging presentation on testing precious metals, followed by personalized evaluations of your gold and silver jewellery. Your attendees will receive personalized evaluations of their gold and silver jewellery, with the option to sell on the spot. A portion of the proceeds contributes directly to your fundraising cause.

Empowering Causes

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