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Welcome to the Ultimate GOLD Party Experience

With our expert team guiding the way, discover the hidden value in your pieces while enjoying time with your family and friends. 

Host a Gold Party!

Laugh, Learn, Earn

An opportunity for you to host a party and have some fun with your friends! At a Minty Gold Party, you bring your broken, unworn and used GOLD & STERLING SILVER jewellery that no longer brings you joy; it will be evaluated and Minty will purchase on the spot if you wish.

Like most things in life, it’s better with friends. Us gals had a great time learning from the Minty team how gold buying works and I was pleasantly surprised at the value of my old jewellery.

Anne, Gold Party Guest

How it works

Three Easy Steps! Plus, a BONUS!

  • Gather Your Guests

    Invite a group of 8 or more friends eager to part ways with their unwanted or broken gold and silver jewellery. Whether it's broken, unworn, or simply out of style, every piece holds the potential for a lucrative exchange.

  • Your Place, Your Time

    Select the perfect setting for your Gold Party, whether it's the comfort of your own home, a bustling event space, or a cozy café. Once you've chosen the venue, our dedicated Minty team will make their way to you, bringing with them not only their expertise but also an interactive learning experience. Dive into the fascinating world of gold and silver buying as our knowledgeable team enlightens you and your guests on the intricacies of the process.

  • Discover Hidden Wealth

    As the party unfolds, indulge in the thrill of discovery as each piece of jewellery is meticulously evaluated. With our experts on hand, you'll receive personalized insights into the value of your items, empowering you to make informed decisions about whether to part with them for a handsome return. Whether you choose to sell or simply revel in the newfound knowledge of your jewellery's worth, the choice is entirely yours.

Bonus - Receive $250 for hosting the GOLD Party

Check us out on CHCH! Jen from the Minty Gold & Silver Exchange tells us about what you can expect from a Gold Party, and how you can host one in your home.

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